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Small group training (SGT) sessions are led by our team of Nationally Certified Personal Trainers and certified coaches. With SGT, your trainer will be able to create a personalized fitness plan that addresses the goals of each group member. Small group training is right for groups who wants to:


  • Exercise with people you're comfortable with

  • Motivate your friends & hold each other accountable for reaching your goals

  • Find a fun & engaging way to get fit 





Is small group training the same as group exercise?

Small group training is a unique fitness experience different from other Y programs. SGT combines the energy of group exercise and the individual attention of personal training, while providing the opportunity to get fit with friends. 

Do I need to be a Y member to attend a small group training session?

Yes, all individuals who sign up for small group training need to be Y members. If you are interested in small group training, but aren't already a member, check out our membership options including our FOR ALL Financial Assistance Program. 

What is the age requirement for small group training?

Small group training is appropriate for ages 10 and up.

What are prices for small group sessions?

30 minutes- $21.00
90 minutes- $62.00

4 hours- $146.00
6 hours- $209.00

12 hours- $398.00
18 hours- $566.00

*prices are subject to change

How are the sessions scheduled?

Training sessions are usually scheduled in 30 minute time slots. We also offer a flexible scheduling option of 15 minute training sessions- great for our members with a busy lifestyle! During your initial consultation, your trainer will provide you with more information about flexible scheduling and how to schedule your sessions.




Ben Clewien

Wellness & Personal Training Director

Phone: (920) 230-8439 ext. 119