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The Y aims to connect our members with the knowledge, resources, and community they need to live active, vibrant lives at every age. From fitness to nutrition and everything in between, our Health & Wellness programs offer unique ways to improve your health regardless of your fitness level.  

Group Exercise

Find community, fun, & fitness in a Group Exercise class! We offer classes for adults of all ages at every fitness level, all free to Y members! From yoga, to kickboxing, to Zumba, and so much more. Transform your work out with a group exercise class.


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Personal Training

Personal training is for anyone looking to elevate their fitness routine and get the most out of their work out. Our team of Nationally Certified Personal Trainers is ready to help you through your fitness journey- no obstacle is too big, and no goal is too small! Discover how personal training can help you unlock your potential.


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Small Group Training

Grab your work out partners and get motivated! Small group training combines the energy of group exercise with the individual attention of personal training for a specialized fitness experience. Work out with your friends or family and motivate each other to reach your goals.


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Youth & Teen Wellness

The Y is where teens can get fit, meet new people, & build healthy habits for life! We offer a variety of programs for youth and teens to get them up and moving, initiate interest in physical activity, and grow their health & wellness knowledge.


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Chronic Conditions Programs

Find hope and support in an encouraging community in one of our many programs created for those living with chronic health conditions.


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Beyond Limits Veteran Program

Beyond limits is a resource for veterans in our community to work through physical challenges while improving mental health. Our experienced & understanding trainers will work with you to improve your health regardless of your ability level.


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Nutrition & Wellness

At the Y, we understand what it means to live well. We are dedicated to providing our community with the nutrition & wellness resources necessary to live a healthy life. Speak to a nutritionist, take a fitness test, have a professional evaluate your body composition, & more.


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Teaching Kitchen

The teaching kitchen is a place for people of all ages and ability levels to gather around the table and connect. Our teaching kitchen hosts unique, interactive cooking events that promote local agriculture and teach valuable culinary skills. Volunteer, find a healthy recipe, learn how to cook on a budget, & more! We are always cooking up something new & exciting.


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Corporate Wellness

Energize your workplace with a corporate wellness partnership with the Y! We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy, happy staff, and creating a motivating work environment. See what a partnership with the Y can do for you and your team.


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Yoga Teacher Training

Our Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) program is a 200-hour course to attain credentials as a certified Yoga Instructor. Led by a YMCA Yoga professional, this course offers holistic, in-depth training for those looking to deepen their love of yoga and begin a transformational journey.


New Member Benefit: Healthy Living Orientation

We offer each new member complimentary time with Wellness Staff to introduce you to our cardio and circuit machines. Based on your goals and fitness level, our Wellness Staff member will teach you how to use the equipment appropriate for you. You will be instructed on proper form and on how to adjust the machines. The amount of time spent with the Wellness Staff will be based on your personal needs. This orientation is designed to help you feel comfortable with our equipment and to get off to a good start. In order to maximize the benefits from this program, it is necessary to complete the program within 60 days of your joining date.

Contact us to schedule your appointment: Downtown (920) 236-3380, 20th Ave (920) 230-8439.