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24/7 Access is HERE at the 20th Ave YMCA! That means 7 days a week, 365 days a year of unlimited access to the Wellness Center, Training Studio, large gym, and indoor track. No matter your schedule, we want to give you an opportunity to build a healthier, more active you. Get your workout in on your time- because now there's nothing standing between you and your goals.

Apply today! Applications must be filled out in person at the 20th Ave Y.


What you get with 24/7 access

24/7 gives members the ability to accomplish their goals on a schedule that fits their lifestyle. Access is available 7 days a week, 365 days a year, at the 20th Ave Y. Members have access to the following:

  • Wellness Center
  • Training Studio
  • Large gym (half open gym, half open pickleball)
  • Indoor track
  • Restrooms in the Wellness hallway
Who can use 24/7 access

You can use 24/7 access if:

  • You are an Oshkosh Y member in good standing
  • You are over 19 years old
  • You apply and are approved

24/7 access is not included in your membership. 

Individuals with a day pass, one-month membership, AWAY members, Nationwide members, summer memberships*, tennis & pickleball center only memberships, & other short-term memberships/visiting guests are not eligible for 24/7 access.

*(Summer memberships may add 24/7 Access for $30.)

How to apply

Enroll today! 

Applications may be requested at the member services desk of the 20th Ave location & must be completed in person. Each individual on your membership who would like to add 24/7 access must apply and be approved.

You must sign a waiver & Code of Conduct to apply. 

At the time of signing your waiver, we will take an updated photo for our records. 

Adding 24/7 access to your membership costs $5 per month, per person, and will be charged along with your monthly membership fee for bank draft members. 

The Y will notify you if you are approved for 24/7 access, and your bar code will be activated. This process typically takes 1-3 business days. 

Fees for 24/7 Access
  • Adding 24/7 access to your membership costs an additional $5 per month, per person.
  • For members using the Kisi app for facility access, the app is free to download.
  • For members purchasing a physical key fob, fobs are $20. If you need to replace your key fob, an additional $20 fee will apply. 
Safety & Security

The Y takes the safety of our members seriously, which is why we have strict security measures in place in order to make 24/7 access a fun & safe experience for everyone.

Please note that the YMCA will not be staffed outside of regular business hours. Those who utilize 24/7 access must be aware that staff are not available to assist them. 

Safety & Security Measures

  • Only members who have applied and been approved are granted 24/7 access. 
  • For your protection, the 20th Ave Y will be accessible by secure entry only after regular business hours.
  • The wellness center & main entrance areas are protected by our advanced security video surveillance system. This system is used to track who is in the building at all times. 
  • A portion of the parking lot will stay lit 24 hours a day for your safety. 
  • An emergency phone, first aid kit, and AED are located at the entrance of the wellness center. 

Upon entering the building, 24/7 Access members must remove any hoods, hats, sunglasses, or other garments blocking your face so that your identity can clearly be seen on camera, as YMCA staff will check your entry against our membership records. 

Additional Safety Precautions

The YMCA highly recommends that members observe the following:

  • Exercising with another 24/7 member when using our facility outside of staffed hours. 
  • Parking within the lit areas of the parking lot.
  • Check the weather before your visit. During inclement weather, you may still access the facility after hours, but at your own risk from the elements. Please note that snow removal will not be completed until regular business hours, and possibly later due to certain weather concerns. In the event of heavy snow, please park on the west side of the lot to allow plows to come through.

Other safety expectations are outlined in your 24/7 access waiver and agreement and members are expected to follow those expectations at all times. 


Facility access


If you have been approved to utilize the 20th Ave Y after hours, you will need to download the Kisi app on your smartphone or purchase a physical key fob. Each member will need their own app log in/ fob.

You may enter the facility at the main entrance only, using the far right door. 

With the app:

Kisi provides 3 options to unlock doors with a mobile device.

Tap to Unlock: this allows you to unlock doors by tapping your mobile device against the Kisi reader, without having to actively use the app. Simply tap your phone to the reader, the light will turn green, and the door will unlock for 5 seconds.  

Tap in-app: this allows you to unlock doors from within the Kisi app. 

  1. Sign into your Kisi organization
  2. Navigate to your place (Oshkosh YMCA- 20th Avenue Location)
  3. Tap on All doors
  4. Find the door you want to unlock (20th front door)
  5. Tap on the blue lock icon to unlock (the door will remain unlocked for 5 seconds)

Motion Sense: this allows you to unlock doors by waving your hand in front of the Kisi reader, without having to actively use the app. You must have your mobile device nearby and all of the required location services and Bluetooth/NFC enabled. Hold your hand in front of the reader until the light turns green. The door will unlock for 5 seconds. 

For the full instructions on how to use the app, click here.  

With the key fob:

Hold your key fob up to the fob reader to the right of the main entrance door. You will hear the door activate. The system will automatically relock the door after 5 seconds.  

Your app and fob may not be shared with others, including family and/or other members, even if they also have 24/7 access. Members are not allowed to grant access to the facility to anyone else. If you visit the Y after hours with another 24/7 access member, you must still enter the building individually using your own credentials. 

When entering and exiting the facility, please ensure that the door closes behind you. For the safety of our members, please do not hold the door for anyone. This is important as we track who is in the building at all times. 

Failure to abide by the above rules is a violation of our policy and will result in you permanently losing your 24/7 access to the YMCA and possible termination of your Oshkosh YMCA membership. 


24/7 access members can access the Wellness Center, Training studio, large gym, indoor track, and the restrooms in the Wellness hallway. All other areas of the building will be closed, including locker rooms. 24/7 access members will want to remove their belongings from the locker rooms before the Y closes, as staff will lock the doors during closing procedures. 

Code of Conduct

In addition to our membership policies, the Y has a strict Code of Conduct surrounding the use of 24/7 Access based on the Y's values of honestly, respect, caring, and responsibility. These guidelines are in place for the safety and security of our staff and members, and the protection of our property. Members applying for 24/7 access are required to sign a waiver and Code of Conduct. If a member fails to abide by the Y's policies, their 24/7 access, and potentially their membership, will be revoked with no refund given. 

Emergency Information


  • An emergency phone is located at the entrance of the wellness center. You will need to dial out to use the phone. Dial 9-911 in case of emergency. The call back number for this phone is (920) 230-8439.


  • The 20th Avenue Y is located at 3303 West 20th Ave, Oshkosh WI, 54904. Emergency responders should be directed to the main entrance. 


  • There is a first aid kit and AED located at the entrance of the wellness center.



If you are experiencing issues with the Kisi app, please use the troubleshooting resource below. 

Kisi App Troubleshooting

Please note that YMCA staff are not able to assist you in the event that technical issues occur with your access credentials after business hours. We encourage you to use the Kisi troubleshooting resource to help you resolve any potential issues.

If you experience problems using you app or fob, please feel free to contact the Y during business hours at (920) 230-8439 and we will be happy to assist you. 


Additional Notes
  • The independent cleaning service staff will be working around members during the overnight hours. The cleaning service staff are NOT YMCA employees and are unable to assist you. 
  • Depending on the time of year, there may be Y programming held after hours. Participants in after hours programs are not permitted access to the Y outside of the program space they are in. Members should reference the main gym schedule, as after hours programming may limit access to certain spaces. 
  • During seasonal "shutdowns," extreme weather, or unforeseeable events, all members will be notified if we need to suspend 24/7 access. 


QUESTIONS? Contact Amanda at (920) 230-8439 or