Wee Sports

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WEE BASKETBALL (Ages 3-5): Your preschool girl or boy will have fun learning the basics of basketball.
Fall 1 (Sept. 11 - Oct. 22) Thursday 4-4:30
Fall 2 (Oct. 30 - Dec. 17) Thursday 4-4:30

WEE FOOTBALL (Ages 3-5): Sports are a great way for kids to meet new friends and stay active. Participants will learn through fun games and drills.
Fall 1 (Sept. 11 - Oct. 22) Thursday 4:45-5:15
Fall 2 (Oct. 30 - Dec. 17) Thursday 4:45-5:15

WEE GYMNASTICS (Ages 3-5): A beginning level tumbling class for the child just beginning gymnastics. 

WEE SKATE (Ages 3-4): Wee Skate is an introductory class designed to teach preschoolers the basic skills and help them gain confidence on the ice.

WEE SOCCER (Ages 3-5): Wee Soccer is a great way to learn the basics of soccer in a fun and enjoyable way. Participants will learn basics through games and skill drills. More advanced participants will practice scrimmage as well. Shin guards are required.
Fall 1 (Sept. 11 - Oct. 22)
Tuesday 3-3:30
Thursday 9-9:30

Fall 2 (Oct. 30 - Dec. 17)
Tuesday 3-3:30
Thursday 9-9:30

WEE SPORTS (Ages 3-5): Wee Sports allows preschoolers to make new friends, learn valuable teamwork skills and have fun. A different sport will be explored each week.
Fall 2 (Oct. 30 - Dec. 17) Tuesday 9-930

WEE T-BALL (Ages 3-5): Boys and girls will love learning about baseballplaying T-Ball! The basic fundamentals will be taught in a cooperative and fun environment. Glove is required.
Fall 2 (Oct. 30 - Dec. 17) Tuesday 4-4:30


Travis Shufelt, Sports Director