A fun sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong. It is played on a badminton court with a low net. Pickleball, easy for beginners, is becoming one of the fastest-growing sports for seniors. All equipment is provided by the Y. All abilities and ages are welcome. Pickleball is FREE for Oshkosh YMCA Members. 

Pickleball is now offered at our Tennis Center! Click HERE for details!

OPEN PICKLEBALL: Free for Members. Open Pickleball held before noon Monday through Friday is eligible for the Active Older Adults (AOA) punch card. Non-members may purchase a day pass for $14.00 to attend Open Pickleball. AOA punch card is sold to adults 55 and older. 15 visits for $65. Only applies to play as noted above.

20th Ave:
Monday-Friday 7:00-10:00 am (OPEN PICKLEBALL)

Monday, Thursday, Friday 8:00-11:00 am (MIXED DOUBLES)
Tuesday 8:00-11:00 am (WOMEN/MIXED DOUBLES)
Wednesday 8:00-11:00 am (MEN)
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6:30-8:00 am (COMPETITIVE PLAY)

Check Gym Schedules for other Current Open Times! 

Note: Schedules subject to change

The rules are simple and the game is easy for beginners to learn. Free for Members. $5.00 per day for Activity Members. Price applies only to our Beginner Pickleball Program.

  • Tuesday 12-12:30 pm (LEARN TO PLAY) and ​12:30-2 pm (FREE PLAY)
  • Thursday 12-2:00 PM (FREE PLAY)