Youth and Adult Football Programs



MEN'S INDOOR FLAG FOOTBALL LEAGUE: Compete in an arena football league held in the soccer arena. Seven week league with one game per week. During the 8th week there will be a tournament. Must be 18+ to play. Fee: $350/team

FALL: September 9-October 28, 2016 (registration deadline 8/26/16)    ROSTER FORM


YOUTH NFL FLAG FOOTBALL: The premier youth football league for boys and girls. This six-week season of flag football fun provides an opportunity to engage in non-contact action while learning lessons in teamwork. Dedicated to educating young people about football, enphasizing participation and sportsmanship, players learn to succeed both on and off the field. Games will take place on Saturday mornings. Practices are held 30 minutes prior to the game. All players must wear a mouth guard to participate. May 7-June 11, 2016. 

FLAG FOOTBALL LEAGUE: A seven-week season of flay football fun. Games take place on Saturday mornings. Practice times and locations will be determined by individual coaches. Grades K-5. SEPTEMBER 10-OCTOBER 22 (Registration deadline 8/1/16). Fee: $44/member or $66/non-member. 

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(required for participation in every sport)
The State of Wisconsin and the Y recognize that concussions and head injuries may result in youth who participate in sports and other recreational activities and that there are dangerous risks when a concussion or head injury is not properly checked or managed. The State of Wisconsin recently passed Wisconsin Act 172 which requires improved education of sports related head injuries and concussions for parents, athletes and coaches. For each sport, the Y will provide a Head Injury and Concussion Information sheet to all parents/guardians and youth participating in competitive sports activities. Parents/guardians and athletes must sign and return an Agreement Form indicating they have reviewed and understand the information about head injuries and concussions.

For more information on concussions, visit

Click HERE to download the Parent/Athlete Concussion Information Sheet/Waiver.


Travis Shufelt, Sports Coordinator