Arts & Humanities


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PRESCHOOL ART (Ages 3-5): Children will particpate in preschool activities and make fun projects based on the seasons/holidays.

PRESCHOOL ABCs and 1,2,3s (Ages 3-5): Children will explore letters, counting, and crafts through song, stories, playtime, and more.

Taylor Douglas, Youth and Family Director
Phone:(920) 230-8439

PRESCHOOL DANCE 1 (Ages 4-6): Kids will be introduced to ballet and tap, fast and slow, up and down, and learn how to go across the floor in circles, lines, etc. 

PRESCHOOL DANCE 2 (Ages 4-6): Kids will learn more advanced steps in tap, ballet and jazz that will help to build coordination and large motor skills.

Jeremy Gavesky, Sports Director
Phone:(920) 230-8439