Your child will swim four times a week for 2 weeks, 35 minutes per session. Pick your preferred day and time on the chart provided. Preschool level classes are limited to four students per instructor and youth level lessons are limited to six students per instructor. Your child will get plenty of water time and attention from our skilled instructors. We do everything we can to help our students learn to swim in a safe, values-driven environment. Please contact the aquatics director if you are unsure where to place your child - we can help! COST: $30/session

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  • Marble 1: June 19-29 (registration ends 6/16)

  • Marble 2: July 10-20 (registration ends 7/7)

  • Marble 3: July 31-August 10  (registration ends 7/28)



Each level is a continuation of the previous level. The emphasis is learning, not passing or failing. Class levels will be limited to four participants per class. These classes may be combined based on registration numbers.

PIKE: A beginner level for 3 year olds without their parents.  Focus is on getting students comfortable in water, kicking, basic arm strokes, and floating with a float belt.  Must be able to fully submerge and perform a front and back float with a float belt to advance.

EEL: A beginner level for preschoolers more comfortable in the water. Introduction of front and back crawl and focus on completing skills with and without the aid of a float belt. Students must be able to demonstrate 5 yards of independent swimming on front and back to advance. 

RAY: A more advanced level for preschoolers in which students will be focusing on skills without the aid of a float belt. Students will be introduced to the lap pool. More difficult skills are introduced such as rotary breathing. Must be able to swim 10 yards front and back crawl and elementary backstroke independently to advance.

STARFISH: The most advanced level for preschoolers with focuses on longer distances, stroke development, and endurance.  Must be able to swim 15 yards front and back crawls and elementary backstroke, be independent in deep water and tread water for 20 seconds.  Students who complete this class will advance to MINNOW.



Each level is a continuation of the previous level. Longer distances and endurance are introduced througout. The emphasis is on learning, not passing or failing. Class levels will be limited to six participants per class. These classes may be combined  based on registration numbers. 

POLLIWOG: Ages 6+  (Equivalent of the Eel and Ray levels) For students who have never taken lessons or are at the beginner level. Focus is on floating, kicking and proper arm strokes for front and back crawls, completed with and without a float belt. Water confidence, deep water exploration and demonstrating 10 yards of front crawl, back crawl and elementary backstroke are needed to advance.

GUPPY: (Equivalent of the Starfish level) Further stroke development and technique for the front and back crawl strokes and introduction to more advanced skills and strokes. Independence in the water a must, and ability to swim 15 yards of front and back crawls and elementary backstroke necessary to advance.

MINNOW: (Preschoolers who PASS Starfish should be placed in this level) Focus on swimming 25 years front and back crawls, and breaststroke with good stroke technique. Introduction to competition skills such as butterfly, steamlining, stroke finishes and diving. Must be able to swim 25 yards front and back crawls, elementary backstroke and breaststroke, and demonstrating good stroke technique is necessary to advance.

FISH: Longer distances for endurance and stroke refinement is the focus of this class. Students will learn Butterfly and introduction to sidestroke with continued development of competition skills such as finishes, underwater swimming, and turns. Must be able to swim 50 yards of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and elementary backstroke and a 5 minute continuous swim.

FLYING FISH: Stroke refinement and endurance for all four competitive strokes (back, breast, fly, free).  Swimming continuously for 8 minutes and gaining an understanding of the competitive elements of swimming and introduction of the sidestroke. Demonstrating ability to swim 75 yards of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and elementary backstroke needed to advance.

SHARK: For the more serious swimmer. Longer distances for the competitive strokes and a 12 minute continuous swim. More focus on swimming in sets and competitive skills. Must be able to swim 100 yards of freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke, and 50 yards of butterfly to advance.

PORPOISE: The most advanced level of swim lessons.  Understanding swimming for fitness and exploring life-guarding rescue techniques. Students must swim 200 yards freestyle and backstroke, 100 yards breaststroke, 75 yards butterfly and sidestroke and a 15 minute continuous swim in order to complete this level.


Lisa Bifano, Aquatics Director
Address:3303 West 20th Avenue
 Oshkosh, WI 54904