Youth/Teen Health & Wellness Programs

STRONG TEENS (ages 11-15): This six-week, activity based course will teach teens the basics of living an active, healthy lifestyle. Teens will learn how to properly use the cardiovascular and circuit equipment in our Health and Wellness Center. Topics include: Benefits of Exercise, Anatomy, Heart Rate training,
FITT Principle, program design and nutrition. After successful completion of this class, participants will receive a pass to use the Health & Wellness Center on their own. $30 for Oshkosh Y Members only.

STRONG TEENS FAST PASS (ages 14-15): This program is designed to test practical exercise knowledge and skills. Successful completion of this test will allow a high-school aged student (age 14-15) to use the Health & Wellness Centers without taking the full Strong Teens course. Candidates are evaluated in the areas of strength, cardiovascular, core exercises, flexibility, safety , and gym etiquette. Candidate must be enrolled in high school to take this program; proof of enrollment required. $15 for Oshkosh Y Members ONLY

HOMESCHOOL FIT FOR KIDS: Physical Education for the home schooled child. Fit for Kids uses organized, instructional and cooperative games to fill a 13-week curriculum. Class limited to 60 participants. For ages 4-14.  


Ben Wanezek, Downtown Health & Wellness Director
Phone:(920) 236-3380