Beyond Limits Veteran Program




Beyond Limits is a special FREE Program for Veterans. This FREE 6-week exercise program is for any injured veteran from any military branch who served in active combat duty in any war. Any disability rating can apply for this program. For 6 weeks, veterans receive personal, in-depth training with our nationally-certified strength coaches, registered dietitians and wellness coaches. They work side by side with other veterans throughout this program and strive to overcome any physical and mental challenges. 

After completion of the program, Veterans will receive a 20% discount on a membership of choice, including a Family Membership, and pay NO Joiners Fee! Please email Julie Smith at to receive this benefit or visit our Membership Page for more information. 

If you are a Veteran and currently have a Veteran Affairs disability rating and want to participate in our next Beyond Limits Program, apply below!


Please consider supporting this program. You can donate to the program directly, or choose to sponsor a specific veteran whose story inspired you. (Read more about our Veteran below.) Beyond Limits is a FREE 6-Week Program for our injured veterans and would not be possible without the support of our program supporters and community members. Our goal is to keep this program 100% FREE for participants and need your help to make that happen! The Oshkosh Community YMCA cannot implement this program without you.

Please help us give back to our Nation's heroes and sponsor a Beyond Limits Veteran today! Your tax-exempt donation allows us to continue to provide hope through movement to those with physical or mental impairments. Thank you for your support!

$1000 Sponsors 1 Veteran  |  $6500 Sponsors 7 Veterans  

Each sponsor will receive a biography and information about the sponsored Veteran. You will learn their personal story, challenges and hopes and aspirations. As a sponsor, you are also invited to participate in a weekly Friday Warrior workout! All sponsors also receive a Beyond Limits t-shirt. 
Give back to our nation's heroes and sponsor a Beyond Limits Veteran today!


Paul BakerPaul Baker
Airforce Veteran
Paul Baker was born in 1947 and served in the Airforce from 1968-1972. Between 1970 and 1971 ... more

Donald CombsDonald Combs
US Army Veteran
Donald Combs was born in 1965 and joined the US Army in April of 1985. Donald is in constant ... more

Shane MagelitzShane Magelitz
Army National Guard Veteran
Shane Magelitz was born in 1987 and served on active duty in the Army National Guard. He joined ... more

Joseph SosinskiJoseph Sosinski
United States Marine Corps (USMC) Veteran
Joseph Sosinski was born 1958 and served in the Marines for 4 years and 8 years in the Army ... more

Fritz RudyFritz Rudy
US Army Veteran
Fritz was born in 1976 and served in the US Army from 1995-1999. He was injured in August of ... more

Joe MuskusJoe Muskus
US Army Veteran
Joe Muskus was born in 1948 and served in the US Army from 1968 to 1970. He currently has ... more

Paul TaylorPaul Taylor
United States Coast Guard Veteran
Paul Taylor is a United States Coast Guard Veteran. Paul deals with lower leg dysfunction due ... more

United States Navy Veteran
Merle is a United States Navy Veteran and was stationed in Corpus Christi, Texas. Merle was ... more

Mike M.Mike M.
United States Marine Corp Veteran
Mike served in the United States Marine Corps in 1962. He suffered a back injury fracturing ... more

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