Ben Wanezek

Ben Wanezek, BS, ACE-CPT, Wellness Coordinator - 20th Ave
Ben is the Health and Wellness Coordinator at the 20th Ave YMCA. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin–Oshkosh with a Bachelor of Science in Education. He is an ACE-CPT, Rock Steady Boxing Coach and a Livestrong Coach at the Oshkosh Y. Ben believes that your overall health is the key to keeping everything in check. Whether it is your mental, physical or emotional state of mind; all of it needs to get a healthy dose of exercise to keep us up and running every day. By leading an active lifestyle, you take the path that takes persistence, perseverance, and practical knowledge. Through an active lifestyle anything is possible.

In Ben's words...
"The Oshkosh Y has changed my life by giving my family and I opportunities that I would not have foreseen before working here. I am truly blessed to work in such a great environment with very talented, educated and health conscious people who strive to give everything they’ve got; not only to their job, but to our Oshkosh Community."