Dan Krueger, Group Exercise Instructor

Dan joined the Oshkosh Community YMCA as a Group Exercise instructor in May 2018. Since 2011, he’s taught in three states and seven different facilities. His certifications include Defend Together (2011), Core Focus Together (2018), and Active Together (2020) through MOSSA. He considers himself to be a bit of a “MOSSA junkie” as he has attended numerous filmings for their programs and is a test instructor for Defend Together.

Dan lives in Plover, Wisconsin with his wife of almost 20 years (August 2022) and three children – including twins. In his free time, he enjoys Brewers baseball and being outside to work on his vegetable garden, all while listening to the music he needs to prep for his classes. He’s been known to run on occasion but would love to get back to one of his “pre-children passions” – road cycling.

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