Cathy Clark, Pilates Instructor

Coming from a background in running, lifting, and muscle conditioning, Cathy became most interested in Pilates because of its ability to strengthen and rehabilitate. “I was fascinated with the concepts and flow of movement. This was over 30 years ago, and it has kept me strong and agile ever since,” says Cathy.

Within that time, Cathy has studied and completed certifications through Power Pilates of New York City. 600 class hours, along with many workshops from all over the US has allowed her to teach in an assortment of health clubs and universities. Her training started with beginner through advanced mat work, and from there she trained on all the apparatus, which includes reformer, cadillac, wunda chair, towers, barrels, and smaller equipment, as well.

After instructing at the University of Utah, Cathy moved back to Wisconsin to be closer to family and set up shop in downtown Neenah, where she built a strong Pilates community. Alas, economics demanded she take a full-time position within the Oshkosh school district, which happily brought her full-circle to the downtown YMCA, where she started her Pilates journey more than 20 plus years earlier!

“It's my personal belief that Pilates is for anyone wanting to develop their core strength, flexibility and balance. The great thing about Pilates is how inclusive it is – the movements can be modified to suit anyone's body. It also has the ability to augment any current physical pursuits, from healing to training in any specific sport,” says Cathy.

Come and see for yourself how Pilates can help you attain your goals!