Corporate Wellness Programs

Employee Health And Wellness Is Good Business
The YMCA is a leader in improving the quality of life and nurturing lifelong development of healthier individuals, families and communities. We are committed to your employees' well-being.
When your company joins the YMCA Workplace Wellness Program, not only will your employees benefit, your company will benefit as well. It's a fact that healthy employees are more productive, have lower stress, miss less work and have fewer medical claims.
Workplace Wellness Partnership
•Business partner provides their employees a monthly membership subsidy at a minimum of $5 per month
•The Y matches 50% up to $10 per month
•The Y will waive the joiner fee
•The Y provides participating employee a complimentary one week trial membership to their local Y
•On-site Wellness, Group Exercise, Enrollment, Education and more

Offer a wellness program and improve your workplace environment and morale. Learn more below:

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Brandy Hankey, Director of Wellbeing and Group Exercise