Climbing Classes

ADULT CLIMBING (ages 16+): Here is a chance for adults that want a class for climbing! Adult Climbing mixes the basics with the advanced. In this class you will learn climbing equipment and safety, as well as various climbing techniques. All participants will be certified to belay. 

GROUP/FAMILY CLIMBING CLASS: This class teaches climbing basics and more for experienced participants. Learn techniques, equipment, and even how to belay! Climbers 15 and older can become certified. For ages 4 & up.

PROGRESSIVE ROCK CLIMBING CLASSES: This is an introduction to the sport of climbing. The class will educate climbers on basic equipment, skills, harness set-up and safety. Each age group will vary based on the needs and level of the participants. The participants will be belayed by an insturctor througout the class and will have an opportunity to learn how to boulder and learn other climbing techniques. 

PERSONAL CLIMBING INSTRUCTION: Set up private or semi-private lessons (2-3 people) with a YMCA instructor based on your schedule. Available to all skill levels ages 4 & up. Contact Travis Shufelt for more information or to schedule lessons.

HOME SCHOOL FFK ROCK CLIMBING (ages 5-16): This class will teach students how to properly climb all the elements that our indoor rock wall has to offer. Students will learn different climbing terminology, equipment names, how to warm-up, climbing techniques, and more. For more information, contact Travis Shufelt.

Travis Shufelt, Sports Director