Open Swim and Lap Times

Swim laps while the kids play. Times vary throughout each day. Please pick up a copy of the pool schedule or click the links provided below. Pool schedules are regularly updated throughout the year, so please occasionally check for updates.


20th Ave and DTC (Pools): June 12-August 27

20th Ave and DTC (Water Fitness): June 12-August 27

20th Ave Annual Shutdown: August 27-September 4

OSHKOSH DOLPHIN HOME SWIM MEETS:  Occasionally during the year, the Oshkosh Dolphin Swim Team has the opportunity to host a home meet. Just like your favorite home team, hosting a meet is a source of pride and also financially benefits the Y & our team. During home meets, the 20th Ave Aquatic Center is closed to accommodate the swimmers, teams and families. Check out!

Lisa Bifano, 20th Avenue Aquatics Director