For all lessons listed below, please contact the Aquatic Director before registering and paying for lessons.


Only Oshkosh YMCA staff can coach, teach, or train individuals while they are on Oshkosh YMCA property, outside of sanctioned competitive events held here.
• Private swim lessons are subject to staff and pool space availability.
• Private swim lessons are available for swimmers over 3 years old and include adapted and adult lessons.
• Private lessons must be paid for before they can be scheduled.
• All private lessons are 30 minutes long.
• Swimmers must notify their instructor directly a minimum of 12 hours in advance to cancel their session.
• Each swimmer is allowed one free short notice (less than 12 hours) cancellation. Subsequent occurrences and/or no-show sessions are not eligible for free cancellations and will be billed.
• If a swimmer cannot complete a full session for any reason, they are billed for a full session.
• If the YMCA or the instructor cancels the session, the swimmer will not be billed.
• All unused sessions expire 3 months from date of purchase.


These lessons are one instructor and one swimmer only. These lessons may not be split between swimmers. To set up private lessons or semi private please contact: Trenton Davis at for 20th ave and Robin Liepert at

FEE: $22/Members per lesson | $43/Non-Members per lesson


These lessons are for two or three swimmers with one instructor.
• The Oshkosh YMCA does not match individual swimmers for these lessons.
• For swimmer safety and lesson quality, each swimmer’s ability level must be no more than one Oshkosh YMCA Swim Lesson Stage (or comparable ability) apart. For example, a Stage 2 swimmer could swim with a Stage 1 or Stage 3 but not a Stage 4, 5, or 6. The Aquatics Director will have final say on swimmer abilities as needed.
• All registered participants must attend, or the session cannot occur. 

FEE: $17/Members - per person per lesson | $33/Non-Members - per person per lesson



Adapted Aquatics with UW-Oshkosh students is back! This program is for individuals with physical and cognitive disabilities. The goal of the program is to provide persons with all levels of abilities an opportunity to learn new things or improve existing aquatic skills. Depending on the nature and severity of the disability, the instructor ratio will be 1:1 or 1:3. For more information, please contact the Downtown Y Aquatic Director at 920-236-3380.

Beginning Spring 1: MONDAYS 6:30-7:30 p.m.
Class is ten weeks long.

FEE: $40 


To schedule your lesson(s) contact:

Trenton Davis at (20th Avenue YMCA)
Robin Liepert at (Downtown YMCA)