The Anklam Family
We joined the Y in 2010 with the intention of creating an active and healthy life for our family. It was difficult at first to find an activity that worked for all of us, so we simply utilized the pool. Then we discovered Homeschool Fit for Kids and signed up right away. Our girls have been attending these classes all through elementary school and we’ve all made some great connections and friendships. They have also joined the Learn To Skate program and love it.

Eventually, I decided that when the girls were in their classes it would be in my best interest to use that time wisely. Exercise for me became a non-negotiable item. So every Monday and Wednesday, we all tied up our shoes and got moving. But that wasn’t enough.  Steve urged me to take my fitness to the next level and purchase a personal training package. I was hooked. Then I encouraged Steve to purchase a package as well. He was hooked. These sessions lead to another step on our journey to wellness, partner training. 

So now we go to the Y between 3 and 5 times each week. We are able to bring our girls to the skating rink for practice while we get a date night---partner training.
- Steve and Kristen Anklam