Hi!  My name is Drew. I am 10 years old and in the 5th grade. I started the karate program at the Y when I was in 2nd grade. I tried other sports at the Y but karate is my favorite. I love the karate training at the YMCA! I started as a white belt, like everyone does, and have kept working hard to learn my forms, self-defense and sparing. I have gotten to test for higher belts and now I am a 3rd gup brown belt. I learn from the older students and instructors and have been able to teach younger students, too. I also love going to tournaments twice a year to compete.  


     We sought out martial arts training for Drew after he was diagnosed with ADHD and struggled with self-control and managing his emotions. We hoped that being able to work toward his own goals within the group of students and being held accountable to the teachings of martial arts would help in developing greater self-control of his emotions and behaviors. 

     Master Maki and the other instructors of the Oshkosh Karate Club have been very impactful to Drew’s improvement and understanding of self-control. He's learning that his hard work and effort are what allow him to progress in the training.  He was told early on that higher belts are not simply “given out” but that it is through his work and behaviors that will allow him to advance. This theme is continually taught in the program. Drew has learned how to be able to compete and win or lose with honor. He's also learning that hard work, effort and pushing one's own limits are what it takes to acheive success. 

-Scott and Heather Roesch