Deb Nelson
It was my lucky day when I mustered up the courage to walk into the Oshkosh YMCA and inquire about the Personal Training program. The front desk offered to see if a trainer would be available to chat with me. Karmen came to meet me and I knew right away she was a match for me. Her smile and positive enthusiasm convinced me it was time to sign the papers. In the past months Karmen has helped me strengthen, work on my balance, and improve my cardiovascular capacity. She is excellent at mixing up my routine, making every session a surprise of exercises. Her encouragement to keep moving keeps me motivated.

Karmen is also very aware and adapting of my physical limitations. The sessions always start by her asking if there is anything she needs to know about my body and my life. Then she adapts the workout to fit my aches and pains! I appreciate that she plans my routine, taking into consideration my age. Karmen has become a friend who just happens to train me. I am very grateful to have found her!