A Final Farewell to Healthy Oshkosh

It is with mixed emotion that I write today’s column, as this will be my last time writing a weekly Healthy Oshkosh article.  In 2013, I began writing this weekly column as a way to bring the Oshkosh YMCA and the community together through health and wellness.  Being a kinesiologist and journalist by degree, it was a great way for me to bring my two passions together and to help others in the process.

My daughter asked me the other night how many articles I had written through this endeavor and it caused me to stop and reflect on the writings I had done.  My rough estimate is that over 280 articles were written, a wide variety of topics were covered, over 100 interviews were conducted, and through it all, I learned more than I could ever have hoped for. I hope you did as well.

As I write my last article, I want to include my vision that I used in my very first column -  I hope every week you felt inspired and felt like I brought the pillars of healthy learning to your home and family.  Many topics were discussed such as exercise, nutrition, active aging, children and exercise and employee wellness to name a few.  I hope they offered you information that was new and exciting and I loved hearing how these topics have made a difference in your life. As a parent, I certainly understand how hard it can be for today’s average family to find time for exercise, stress management, healthy eating and recreational fun. I believe as a community, we can all find a little time in our day to implement these important foundations. 

So, as I begin to cross this week’s column off my “to do” list, I hope it has encouraged you, even in a small way, to begin to think about your health and wellness and making Oshkosh a wonderful place for people of all ages to live an active lifestyle.  Until the next time, be healthy, Oshkosh!